¿Juego sucio? en nuestro pueblo se soluciona así.

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Los rebeldes sirios utilizan iPads para calcular los ángulos de tiro

Mensi Mensforth was arrested on Saturday for protecting a female photographer from the thuggish EDL.
The ex-singer of the antifascist Oi! band Angelic Upstarts stood in to protect the photographer from the EDL with 4 other antifascists. He was arrested for “breach of the peace” then later released without charge.
Northumbria Police was on the side of the EDL that day, as always. The EDL threw firecrackers, bricks and smashed windows. Yet only 7 people were arrested that day, most being antifascists.

Morrissey with Thomas “Mensi” Mensforth from The Angelic Upstarts.